Quantum Wealth Codes

3-Day Program with Anna Lozano

Note: You are purchasing access to a live program that was previously recorded

Day 1: The Frequency of Abundance

~ Unlock abundance codes in all areas of your life
~ Master your energetic frequency to attract abundance
~ Activate the wealth frequency with these three daily practices
~ Receive distance frequencies to unwind subconscious blocks around self-worth currently standing in the way between you and your desires unfolding

Day 2: The Frequency of Money

~ Reframe your old beliefs and patterns around money
~ Activate your abundant flow of money by doing this daily for 88 days
~ Embodiment practices to tap into the vibration of trust and create your own evidence of 'ease and flow' around money
~ Receive distance frequencies to unwind subconscious blocks around money currently standing in the way between you and your desires unfolding

Day 3: The Frequency of Selling

~ Harness your unique energetic blueprint and human design around sales & selling 
~ Create money pathways to generate a consistent flow of sales 
~ Learn how to operate in your ZOG = quantum sales
~ Pricing that feels in alignment and safe + abundant for your (and their) nervous system 
~ Receive distance frequencies to unwind subconscious blocks around selling that are currently standing in the way between you and your desires unfolding

Are you ready to play in the QUANTUM?

Anna xo 

Student Love:

"Anna’s Quantum Wealth Codes Program has shown me the way to understand and activate the energetic frequencies of abundance and money with practical embodiment daily practices. I’ve read books and taken courses on money frequencies before, but Anna’s Program really tied it all so well together that I finally feel confident applying them. The greatest take away for me was my change in perspective on selling - I will stop hiding and blocking people from receiving my gifts and start creating the impact I am HERE to create. Thank you so much Anna!" - Chloee Teng, Intuitive Empowerment Coach

“I’ve now attended 2 of Anna‘s Masterminds, completed a 90-day 1-1 mentorship program, several masterclasses, and attended an in-person Retreat in the Okanagan! Her knowledge, inspiration, and all-around amazing-ness never ceases to amaze me. What she is able to teach and give to others is a true gift. I loved the idea behind the Quantum Wealth Codes. When I saw it posted I felt intuitively drawn to it and jumped right in! The amount of knowledge it has given me is something I will be forever grateful for. I have been feeling the need to be more intentional when it comes to abundance, money and selling - so this course was beyond helpful and is something that pertains not only to business but personal life as well. Realizing that there are so many preconceived ideas and coding that are in our minds when it comes to these topics and learning how to combat them is just what I needed! Thank you Anna for providing yet another outstanding class that has given me knowledge, motivation and the tools to be able to make changes in my every day and beyond!”Alicia, Owner/ Founder of Journey Tree

"Anna Lozano is the desire to set your own frequency. If you are looking to launch, scale or sell a business Anna has all the tools and procedures in order for you to do so. I have already noticed in the last few weeks a change in my business that will help me achieve my goals. Her energy, determination to help businesses achieve their goals and dreams is nothing I have ever experienced.  She has already taught me to tap into the quantum wealth codes and manifest my desires. To change my perception of what my intentions are. I am so grateful for Anna and her program. It is truly like nothing else you will find. If your looking for authenticity and someone who has used their principals the teach Anna is your gal." - Becky Krenzel, CEO/Founder of Beloved & Bespoke Ltd.

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